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  • Hidden Giveaway

    I Did a Hidden Giveaway, Here’s What Happened

    As a social media professional I'm always curious about new ways to grow. I've done loop giveaways, the follow/unfollow method, engaging incessantly, and I've tried getting reposted by large accounts. I like to see what happens and understand what is actually beneficial. As expected, it's getting harder to grow as Instagram changes, so we need to adapt our strategies, because what worked before, won't necessarily work now. I don't have all of the answers, but I have dedicated my career as a Social Media Manager, and my hobby as a blogger to finding out, so I tried a hidden giveaway and tracked my results.

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  • Business of Blogging | Running in Heels

    The Business of Blogging

    Running in Heels started as a creative outlet. While it still serves that purpose, early on I developed a niche and a plan to grow my blog as a business rather than use this as a diary. The point of this post, The Business of Blogging, is to explain to you, my readers, co-workers, friends, parents, and anyone else that it's not about free stuff: Blogging is a business.

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  • Why You Need Blogger Friends | Running in Heels

    Why You Need Blogger Friends

    Today, I'm talking about why you need blogger friends if you are a blogger and how to make them!

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  • Is Social Media Worth It?

    Is Social Media Worth It?

    It's just not worth it. How is that a job? They pay you to sit on Twitter all day? So do you just post to Facebook and that's it? Is social media worth it? It is, and I'll tell you why.

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  • Perspective on Blogging

    Perspective on Blogging

    Let’s talk about perspective. There’s a lot of talk these days among bloggers about growth, sponsorships, payment, and things that we *should* be doing for the greater good; funding our blogs. Which I 100% support. However, I have to wonder if we aren’t looking at this all wrong.

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  • Blog-aversary

    It’s official! Running in Heels turned 1-year-old last week! Life has been so crazy I actually missed it because I mixed up my dates! I did want to share my top blogging lessons and what is on the horizon for Running in Heels after the first Blog-aversary!

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  • How to Beat Writer’s Block for Fashion Bloggers

    We’ve all experienced it at some point: writer’s block. When you have your laptop open and your coffee or wine glass is full, but no words are coming out of you. You have no idea what to say! Writing 3-5 posts/week can take a lot out of you, so it’s natural to feel stuck sometimes. So what happens next? Do you not post? What if it lasts for weeks? Absolutely not an option. I’ve laid out my best tips on how to beat writers block for fashion bloggers.

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  • How to Blog When Life Gets in the Way

    How to Blog When Life Gets in the Way

    This week has been a whirlwind for me. If you keep up on my insta-stories you saw a large part of why! When blogging is such a large part of your real life it’s hard to stay blog and Instagram-focused when life gets in the way. I skipped a mid-day Instagram for the first time in I-don’t-even-know-how-long because I was so distracted working on a project at work and didn’t take a lunch. When I noticed, I panicked. I had been so consistent for so long, I didn’t know what to do when I got off! But, you know what? Nothing happened, it was totally fine! So things happen, life happens, and blogging is hard to keep up with, but I do have some things that I experienced this week that helped me continue.

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  • 5 Tips from a Social Media Manager for Bloggers

    Happy Friday! Today I’m talking about Social Media. As some of you may know, I am a Social Media Manager/Social Media Team Leader for my 9-5 job. I work for a small agency and at one point managed 22 clients on my own. Naturally I learned a lot being thrown in to different accounts at different stages of growth, and I apply a lot of what I learned to my blog promotion and social media growth. It’s funny, because I attribute a lot of the reason why I have this job to my blog, so they support each other mutually!

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