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  • 24 Hours in Pittsburgh

    How to Spend a Day in Pittsburgh

    After a heartbreaking Steelers loss in the playoffs this Sunday, I figured it was a great time to post about one of my favorite cities, Pittsburgh! Over the holidays, I went home to Ohio and my flight was through Pittsburgh. Before I left, my family drove up to the city and spent the day in Pittsburgh.

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  • Naturalizer Burgundy Velvet Booties for Winter

    Burgundy Velvet Booties for Winter

    This post Burgundy Velvet Booties for Winter is sponsored by Naturalizer, as always all my opinions are my own!

    Christmas is only a few days away and I’m done shopping, but need to pack for my trip home! I spend the holidays in Ohio with my family, so I need to pack up my gifts and sweaters for the long weekend! These velvet booties are definitely coming with me this year! They are super comfortable to wear while traveling, I took them with me to Overland Park and wore them everyday! They were great to walk around Park Place all day in!

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  • The Sak Leather Bags

    The Sak Leather Bags

    I have always been a bag lover, but I'm pretty picky about them. I only use great quality bags, and use them for an extended period of time. I have used bags from The Sak brand since I was in high school. I remember one was bright green with pink ribbon straps! While the ones I'm using now are definitely not bright green, I love the variety The Sak has, and the leather bags that I chose fit my style and personality perfectly!

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  • Gifts for Men

    Guy-Approved Gift Ideas for Men

    One of my biggest struggles during the holidays is figuring out what to get the men in my life for Christmas. They say they are easy, but they seem so particular about things, and I also have a fear of getting someone something useless. This year Kale and I decided to give each other ideas so we weren't completely in the dark, and I think this will work out great! I am really happy I went straight to the source, he also inadvertently gave me ideas for my dad, uncle, and grandpa, so this worked out great! I compiled his list and other gifts for men that I have actually given that went over amazingly below! 

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  • Anatomy of a Holiday Bar Cart | Running in Heels

    The Anatomy of a Holiday Bar Cart

    Tis the season for holiday parties and cocktails! It's finally time to break out the Christmas decor, so if you're just starting or haven't started yet, I'm here to offer some inspiration for your bar cart corner! I got my bar cart for Christmas last year, so this is my first year being able to decorate it for the holidays! Keep scrolling for the anatomy of a holiday bar cart! 

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  • Ruffle wrap LBD for Date Night | Running in Heels

    Cyber Week Deals

    Black Friday is no longer just a day, but an entire week. There's no more waiting in a line at 3am outside of your local mall until the doors open. No more fighting with a crazy mom over the last Victoria's Secret PINK pants. It happens, and it's nuts. While I could ever understand why people did those things, I did understand how exciting it was. I worked several Black Fridays in the mall, and believe me if you don't feel the excitement when you open the store gates at 4am, you do feel slightly terrified. I think I felt a little bit of both. Though, now you can go online at just about anytime to see the cyber week deals and stumble upon a sale on any site. I listed them below here for you but you can also scroll through some of my favorite pieces! 

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  • Holiday Dresses for Any Style | Running in Heels

    Holiday Dresses for Any Style

    Holiday style is one of my favorite topics of the season. It's funny because growing up I only dressed up for church on Christmas eve and my family's annual Christmas party. Even then I'd wear a favorite sweater or a matching Christmas dress that matched my sister's, which was quite a while ago! Now, I get to attend events and parties where I need these gorgeous dresses, so I compiled my favorite holiday dresses for any style this year! 

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  • Travel in Style | Running in Heels

    4 Tips to Travel in Style this Holiday Season

    The holiday season is full of traveling to see family and friends across the country. If you're going to travel, might as well travel in style! As usual, my primary concern is comfort, so I opted for a lightweight sweater and my most comfortable jeans! The more important piece of your travel style is actually your luggage! If you've ever had a zipper break or a wheel fall off at the airport, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

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  • Business of Blogging | Running in Heels

    The Business of Blogging

    Running in Heels started as a creative outlet. While it still serves that purpose, early on I developed a niche and a plan to grow my blog as a business rather than use this as a diary. The point of this post, The Business of Blogging, is to explain to you, my readers, co-workers, friends, parents, and anyone else that it's not about free stuff: Blogging is a business.

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