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  • Archer London: Lazy Weekend Dress

    I am SO not ready for the week! This weekend we went out on a party barge to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Saturday and recuperated all day Sunday (think long naps with ice cream in between). This dress from Archer London was my Sunday outfit, it was so comfortable and soft I napped in it all afternoon! Probably not the best use of a cute outfit, but honestly that was all I wanted to do all day! The sun really takes it out of you!

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  • Rompers on the Weekend

    Happy (almost) weekend! Phew it has been a busy week and I am so excited for the weekend! We have a fun boat day planned for a friend’s birthday tomorrow and Sunday I’m shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. (See my first look picks in the sidebar!) I chose this look for a casual-but-also-want-to-look-cute weekend look. I absolutely love rompers because thy are so easy. Like a dress, they are one piece, but they’re shorts! I love it. This particular romper is Kate Spade and I wear it to work sometimes with sandals or flats to dress it up a bit!

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  • Summer Sale Season

    Where are my fellow shopaholics? THIS IS YOUR SEASON. It’s summer sale season and I can’t wait for them to start! I am a huge sale shopper, I rarely ever purchase pieces full price. I like to buy higher quality pieces at a discount rather than less expensive items at full price. So, there are sales every weekend, what is so special about these? Well, I’ll tell you!

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  • Summer Vibes: Feeling Blue

    Have you noticed that I have been wearing a lot of blue lately? Apparently it’s the color of Summer! It has been completely unintentional, but makes choosing outfits really easy! I knew I was picking up a few blue pieces here and there, but I really wasn’t thinking about it. So, when I looked at my posts I realized I may have fallen into a rut. Or is it a theme? You decide. What colors are you wearing this summer? I think I need to mix it up!

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  • Casual Weekend Look

    Denim Skirt: Casual Weekend

    I love a good denim skirt, and this one is perfect for a my casual weekend look! This skirt I found at Target randomly one day. It was a lonely skirt on the clearance rack (of course not on sale at all), but I picked it up and of course it came home with me! I used to wear denim skirts all the time when I was younger, so imagine my excitement when they came back in style. Before this skirt, I haven’t actually bought one. I’m not really big into trends, so I like to make sure at least most of the pieces I buy, I can wear fo a while after. So I waited it out, and it looks like the denim skirt is here to stay! I think I could wear denim everyday. In fact, I usually do! This skirt could go with everything, but for this look, I kept it simple and went with a heather gray tee, and fun necklace!

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  • Running: Workout Wednesday

    Do you ever just get the urge to go on a long run? Ever since the marathon I have been expanding my horizons and adding new workouts to my repertoire. However, in my break from running, I found that I missed it. I enjoy the journey and the time to think, away from my computer and text messages. Everything is on pause while I am running and I can reset my self. Don’t get me wrong, there is something amazing about a 20 minute circuit that leaves you sore for the next few days, but running is good for my mind, body, and soul. I know its cheesy, but it’s a huge stress reliever for me, and even when I think I don’t have time, or it’s too hot, I ALWAYS feel better afterwards. So, in my efforts to be fit, and keep control in my crazy life, I am working running back into my weekly schedule.

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  • Reverse My Routine with TRESemme

    TRESemme Reverse My Routine

    I have been using TRESemme for years. I love the brand, and think it is a fantastic value for a great product. When Influenster sent me the new TRESemme Expert Selection to reverse my routine, I was so excited to try out another collection of a brand I know and love. I first attempted to reverse my routine after a day at the pool when my hair was tangled and messy. I have to tell you guys, it was amazing. I’ve never really thought about using conditioner first, but especially on a day like this, when my hair had tons of knots, I really needed to get them out before I could wash my hair.

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  • I Wear Short Shorts

    So far, I haven’t actually worn shorts at all this summer. I know it’s crazy, but I can’t wear them to work, and I work everyday, so there aren’t many opportunities for me. However I’ll probably be wearing them this weekend for the fourth because I finally have a free weekend! I used to think ‘the shorter the better’ with my shorts in the summer, but as I get into adulthood, I want to be a bit more appropriate and able to wear them to the mall or walk around town or to meet friends and always feel comfortable. These shorts are perfect because they are that perfect in between length and style, where they aren’t too tight or too short, and they don’t make me feel like I’m wearing my mom’s pants. The best part about these is they come in a variety of lengths! I’m wearing the 2 in inseam. It’s one of the great features of J.Crew shorts for the summer, so while I’m sure you’ve been out and about more than I have been in the sun, here are great new options to add to your wardrobe mid-summer!

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