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  • My Favorite Winter Styles Selling Out Quickly!

    Does anyone else feel overwhelmed with holiday craziness? I have been traveling, running to parties, and shopping like a madwoman before Christmas! I went crazy Cyber Week shopping but I haven't even been able to shoot my looks yet! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen these 3 looks below. They are some of my favorite winter styles for a few reasons, but I'm not the only one because they are selling out so fast!

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  • Nordstrom Ruched Dress | Fuzzy Cardigan | Fringe Boots | Running in Heels

    The Nordstrom Ruched Dress Everyone is Wearing

    If there is one outfit I would recommend for everyone, of every shape and size, it is this ruched dress! I have it in 2 colors now and I've had to stop myself from buying them all! It may seem like it's winter, but not in Dallas! I paired this tank dress with my new favorite cardi, which I picked up on Black Friday. It is seriously the softest thing I own right now! Not only do I recommend this dress for everyone, but it's the Nordstrom ruched dress everyone is wearing!

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  • Teal Pants and ASOS Sale | Running in Heels

    Wide Leg Teal Pants and ASOS Sale

    It's a rare day when I'm not wearing jeans, but I found the most comfortable wide leg pants and had to share them! These wide leg teal pants are so soft! The high waist was extremely flattering, and do we even need to talk about the color? This teal is so similar to jeans, that I would almost consider this a neutral. I paired them with a black top and shoes, so overall this is a pretty simple outfit, but I feel anything but simple wearing it.

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  • Ruffle wrap LBD for Date Night | Running in Heels

    Cyber Week Deals

    Black Friday is no longer just a day, but an entire week. There's no more waiting in a line at 3am outside of your local mall until the doors open. No more fighting with a crazy mom over the last Victoria's Secret PINK pants. It happens, and it's nuts. While I could ever understand why people did those things, I did understand how exciting it was. I worked several Black Fridays in the mall, and believe me if you don't feel the excitement when you open the store gates at 4am, you do feel slightly terrified. I think I felt a little bit of both. Though, now you can go online at just about anytime to see the cyber week deals and stumble upon a sale on any site. I listed them below here for you but you can also scroll through some of my favorite pieces! 

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  • Holiday Dresses for Any Style | Running in Heels

    Holiday Dresses for Any Style

    Holiday style is one of my favorite topics of the season. It's funny because growing up I only dressed up for church on Christmas eve and my family's annual Christmas party. Even then I'd wear a favorite sweater or a matching Christmas dress that matched my sister's, which was quite a while ago! Now, I get to attend events and parties where I need these gorgeous dresses, so I compiled my favorite holiday dresses for any style this year! 

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  • Alternative option for VDay

    An Alternative Option for VDay

    To be completely honest, I’m already over Valentine’s Day. In my last post I wrote about actually loving the day and what it stands for, but the flip side of VDay, is the over-commercialization of it all. I mean, Bloggers (like me) have been posting about VDay for more than 2 weeks now, trying to get you prepared, and really, I’ve seen more guft guides and red dresses than I know what to do with. So here’s my alternative option for VDay. A purple dress with edgy styling.

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  • Wrap Dress for Valentine’s Day

    I don’t know what it is about the month of February, but pink and red are the staple colors all month-long. I don’t really wear a lot of pink  or red, but I have been loving burgundy/wine tones this season. I found this wrap dress at the Free People store sample sale a few weeks ago and thought it would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day date! This wrap dress is silk so it’s a little more dressed up even though the actual style isn’t anything too fancy. I really love this one because how it wraps it allows for easily adjustment of the waistline. Most wrap dresses or skirts don’t fit me snugly enough around the waist because of where the straps loop through.

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  • Best Purchase of 2016

    2016 was a fantastic year for me. I started blogging, got a job that I love, met a ton of new friends, and got my puppy, Mia! While I am obsessed with Mia, it feels weird calling my dog a purchase, so my best purchase of 2016 is my Kate Spade bag. ( Check the bottom of the post for the other posts in this link-up!)

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  • Leather Leggings for Brunch

    Brunch Outfit for Dallas Blogger Brunch

    Happy Monday! I had such a fun weekend!  I went to Dallas Blogger Brunch at The Americano in The Joule Hotel, and it was so much fun to meet more Dallas bloggers! In case I haven’t gotten this message across yet, one of my absolute favorite things about blogging is meeting new people! I have made more friends blogging than I ever would have otherwise. It’s great because not matter what you blog about or how big or small your audience is, you all share the same goals and struggles in common. I wore a comfy and cute brunch outfit and snapped a few photos after we ate!

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