Casual Weekend Outfit

    Casual Weekend Outfit | Running in Heels

    Thank you to Y'allsome for sponsoring this post, Casual Weekend Outfit, and thank you for supporting the brands that make Running in Heels possible. As always, all opinions are my own. 

    You may not realize it from looking at my blog or Instagram feed, but I actually live in t-shirts! I love coming home after work and changing into something comfortable to walk the dogs or write a blog post. Loving fashion, I also want my t-shirts to be soft and cute! This is the perfect casual weekend outfit for fall!

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    4 Tips to Travel in Style this Holiday Season

    Travel in Style | Running in Heels

    The holiday season is full of traveling to see family and friends across the country. If you're going to travel, might as well travel in style! As usual, my primary concern is comfort, so I opted for a lightweight sweater and my most comfortable jeans! The more important piece of your travel style is actually your luggage! If you've ever had a zipper break or a wheel fall off at the airport, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

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    Why You Need Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

    Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

    Until this week, I didn't know how obsessed I was with sweatshirt dresses for fall. I bought this one a few weeks ago and was waiting until it got cold enough to wear it. The inside is fleece, so I was going to roast in the 80+ degrees. This week the weather finally reached 50s in Dallas and started to feel like Fall, so I broke out my sweatshirt dresses! 

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    How to Mix Textures (Not Prints!)

    I'm not big on prints, but I love to mix textures! This fuzzy sweater paired with the suede skirt is definitely a great way to get more dimension in your outfit, and mix textures, not prints! 

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    Ruffle Wrap Dress from Express, The Easiest LBD for Date Night

    Ruffle wrap LBD for Date Night | Running in Heels

    There's nothing quite like the challenge of finding something to wear for date night. My go to is usually a pair of skinny jeans, black heels, and some version of a black, white, or grey top. However, those outfits are good for regular dinners, drinks, but every so often we go out somewhere nicer. For a birthday, anniversary, or for when we just decide to switch it up a bit! This ruffle wrap dress for date night was so perfect when I saw it! It's one of those dresses that you need in the back of your closet to grab anytime that you need it. 

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    The Business of Blogging

    Business of Blogging | Running in Heels

    Running in Heels started as a creative outlet. While it still serves that purpose, early on I developed a niche and a plan to grow my blog as a business rather than use this as a diary. The point of this post, The Business of Blogging, is to explain to you, my readers, co-workers, friends, parents, and anyone else that it's not about free stuff: Blogging is a business.

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    Pink Velvet Jumpsuit: Every Girl Needs One this Fall

    The Velvet Jumpsuit Every Girl Needs in Her Closet This Fall | Running in Heels

    I didn't have any plans to buy a pink velvet jumpsuit, but when I found this one during the Express sale, it called my name! It wasn't until I got it in my apartment until I realized just how much I could wear this pretty piece. It wasn't until I got it in my apartment until I realized just how much I could wear this pretty piece.

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    The Importance of Extra Ruffles this Fall

    The Importance of Extra Ruffles this Fall | Running in Heels

    It is so important to add extra ruffles to your wardrobe this fall, if you want to be on trend. Normally this ruffle top would be a little exaggerated for me. However, in the spirit of stepping out of my comfort zone, like at fashion week, I'm embracing the extra ruffles!

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    Style Hack: How to Wear a Dress That Doesn’t Fit

    Style Hacks: How to wear a dress that doesn't fit

    Story of my life: something doesn't fit right. If you saw my insta-story this weekend you saw my parade of sac dresses that were all too large on me. There was just too much fabric for my frame! When I got this dress in the mail, I thought about not posting it, but then I realized I could talk about my style hack: how to wear a dress that doesn't fit. 

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